How Do I Exhibit My Business?


Redding Bridal Show

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“We are local professionals with a goal of advancing our local wedding & event industry through a modern in-person application.”

— Paul David. founder Redding Bridal Show

We are deep believers that competition is the catalyst for innovation and creative thinking. The rise of a competitor forcibly removes our complacency, brings new life to our careers and companies. 

At the Redding Bridal Show brides and grooms are provided a fun & informative way to meet our local professional vendors and businesses who can help them prepare for their wedding, honeymoon or new home!

When we as vendors participate, see new businesses, learn how they are similar or different from us, we set ourselves onto the path of learning and growing. As a whole, we develop better products and services that we then can impart to our brides and grooms. 

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How Do I Exhibit My Business?

Step #1 - Inquire To The Redding Bridal Show

You can do that HERE. We will research your business, and invite you to participate after we have reviewed your legitimacy. The Invitation will have an exhibitor application attached.

Step #2 - If We Are a Good Fit... Apply

We offer a variety of options when it comes to price (8ft tables, 6x8 small booths, 8x10 regular large and an 8x10 premium large) We always welcome any questions from our inquiring businesses. This coming year we have a new annual package bonus through NorCal Weddings, so don't forget to consider that as well.

Step #3 Pay Your Deposit

After we receive your contract we will send out an invoice for your deposit. This may take a day or two to arrive depending on when we are in the office. The Deposit due the day we send it, so if you are paying by check, you need to inform us that it is in route. Contracts with deposits take precedence on the floor plan before the ones without. 

Step #4 Design Your Booth

Then comes the fun part! Creativity, design, everything that most of us love. But if you happen to not know what you should do, go to Pinterest and type in "trade show booth," call our office and we are happy to give you ideas!

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Step #5 Pay Your Remaining Balance

We will send your remaining balance invoice 60 days prior to the event and it will be due 30 days before "Go- TIme"

Any Balances that are unpaid a few weeks before hand may loose their spot in the event.

Step #6 Keep Your Eye Out for the Day Of Details

The week of the event we will send out a floor plan and explain arrival and set up. 

Step #7 Participation

The day of participation is where we as vendors are allowed to show our beautiful true selves and interact with these wonderful brides and grooms. Our advice... don't sit down, be at the front of your booth or table and invite guests to see your product. The show wont work for you if you don't do the work. People want to know who you are, so show them.

I hope you find these steps helpful. If you did, be sure to share them with your wedding industry friends. Let's all grow and learn together.

Article written by Katie Welin of Velours Designs
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